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Duct Cleaning & Fire Damper Testing Services In Leeds

Duct Cleaning & Fire Damper Testing Services In Leeds

Ventilation is an essential safety system in any British commercial building. Hire our Leeds-based team to clean your ducts and ensure your fire damper testing is up to scratch.

More About Duct Cleaning & Fire Damper Testing In Leeds

Our professional team can provide your business with crucial fire safety service and duct cleaning, so you don’t have to worry about your building being unsafe. We do this for a wide range of businesses in Leeds, from restaurants and cafes to modern office spaces. So don’t worry about the size of your business, or the building it is in – if you are based in Leeds, it is very likely we will be able to help you!

It is also a legal requirement to make sure you check your fire safety system at least once a year, so if it has been over twelve months since your last check, please contact us today. Our expert team have years of experience with fire safety checks, and all of their safety checks meet the national British standard, so you can rest easy knowing that they will do an excellent job.

Fire Damper Testing In Leeds

Our friendly, experienced team are experts when it comes to fire and smoke dampers. They help to prevent the spread of fire through the ventilation system (which can be catastrophic) by making sure that there is a proper fire safety system in place. But what exactly is a fire damper? And what does it do?

Here is a handy FAQ to explain how fire dampers protect you and your building.

Fire Damper FAQ

What do fire smoke dampers do?

The purpose of a fire smoke damper is to stop fire spreading through the building via the vents. This is done with a small resealable link that can open and close. The link normally stays open, but if temperatures get too warm it will snap shut, closing the duct and preventing the spread of fire. This simple little tool can save hundreds of lives, but it must be maintained properly to ensure it is still in working order.

What is a fire damper inspection?

During a fire damper inspection a member of our team will check all of the fire dampers in your building. They will check that they all still work, and if any don’t they will tell you and replace the damper. The dampers need checking every year to make sure they still work.

For a full breakdown, during a fire safety test;

  • All of the dampers will be individually tested to make sure they work.
  • All of the dampers will be released to protect the spring shutter.
  • All fusible links will be inspected for signs of wear or damage.
  • The damper will be cleaned and lubricated to ensure it works for as long as possible.
  • The damper will be re-set for future use.
  • Any faulty links will be removed and replaced.

Guidelines For Fire Damper Testing

The Building & Engineering Association (BESA) have set guidelines for UK commercial buildings to ensure they all have effective fire dampers. All of our team are trained to meet the BESA standard, so any work they do meets the current legislation. This means that you don’t have to do anything yourself; simply get in touch today and we will help you with your fire safety testing needs.

You can contact us using the contact form on our website, or you can ring us during our opening hours. Our team will be more than happy to help you, so get in touch today!

Duct Cleaning In Leeds

One of the main services we offer is duct cleaning in Leeds. This may not seem as important as fire safety checks, but in reality it is also very important – and if you own the building, it is your responsibility to ensure that the air inside is clean and safe to breathe. This is due to the Workplace Regulations Act, which was first established in 1992. The act says that it is the responsibility of the building owner and employer to make sure the air in the building is clean and won’t cause poor health.

Our team have lots of experience with duct cleaning and ventilation. They will clean all of the ducts in your building to remove any dust or grease that has built up, and they will also look for any potential damage (such as a loose panel that could cause an injury, or a duct that is fully blocked).

They will then repair any damage they find, and they will give you tips and advice to help you maintain the ducts for as long as possible. This benefits the building owner beyond just safety; it also means it is less likely you will need to replace the duct system later on, as proper maintenance will help the ducts to last for decades.

Our expert team have been cleaning ducts in Leeds for many years, so they know exactly what they are doing. They also have lots of experience removing grease that occurs in commercial kitchens, so if you own a café, sandwich shop or restaurant, it is very likely we can help with kitchen extraction to degrease the ducts and vents.

You can find out more about our duct cleaning and vent cleaning services in Leeds by getting in touch using our phone number or contact form. Just let us know what kind of building you own (for instance, is it a large office building, or is it roadside café?), and what services you need. Our team will be more than happy to help you with any requests you have, and they should also be able to give you a quote so you have a better idea of pricing.

So don’t hesitate; use our website to contact us today. Our friendly team should get back to you within a matter of days, so you don’t have to wait around to make sure your building is safe.

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