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Duct Cleaning & Fire Damper Testing Services In Liverpool

Duct Cleaning And Fire Damper Testing In Liverpool

We are one of the leading fire damper testing and duct cleaning companies in Liverpool. We understand the importance of fire safety and good air quality in commercial buildings, and our professional team have worked with both big and small businesses in the area.

So if you own a commercial building in Liverpool and you want to check that your building is safe and clean, you’re on the right website. Here you can find out everything about the services we provide, and you can also book an inspection to ensure your building is in full working order.

Find Out More About Our Fire Damper Testing And Duct Cleaning In Liverpool

We have provided businesses in Liverpool with fire safety and safe ventilation for many years. We have worked with a wide range of businesses, from commercial kitchens to large office space, to ensure the buildings are legal and safe to enter.

We understand that fire safety and clean are some of the most important considerations for a business. In fact, your business cannot legally be open if the fire safety system isn’t checked regularly – and this is especially true for business that generate a lot of debris (such as grease from a kitchen, or sawdust from a carpenters). This is because the debris can block up the fire safety system over time, and this can make it very difficult to prevent a fire spreading through the building. In fact, the grease and dust can exacerbate the problem, causing even more unnecessary damage.

So if it’s been a while since your last fire safety and ventilation check, it could mean that you need to arrange an inspection. Thankfully our team is fully equipped to do both checks, as we have lots of experience with both fire safety and proper ventilation. Our checks meet the current official UK guidelines, so you can rest easy knowing that we provide the highest possible level of service.

Ductwork Cleaning In Liverpool

One of the main services we provide is ductwork cleaning in Liverpool. Many new business owners don’t think about duct maintenance, but in reality this is a very important factor for clean air. Over time ducts can build up a layer of dirt, dust and debris, and this grime is then blown back into the rooms in the building. Over time this will worsen the air quality, making it difficult for employees to breathe properly. This can cause a whole range of health issues, from chesty coughs to more serious lung problems, so it is very important to make sure that the ducts in your building are regularly cleaned by a professional team.

Our team have lots of experience cleaning commercial ducts in Liverpool, and every job is completed to current government standards. This means that you won’t need to book another inspection for at least six months (unless you own a business with a lot of airborne debris).

How Do We Clean Commercial Ducts?

Our team will inspect and clean all of the ducts inside the building. As they clean they will remove any grease, debris and dust that has built up, and they will also look for signs of damage (such as a broken duct panel). If they see any issues they will make a note of them, and then they will repair the problem. They will also keep an eye out for any potential problems that could occur, such as a weakened duct. This means you are less likely to encounter problems in the future.

Our professional team will use modern technology and recommended procedures to complete this task, including rotary brushing, mechanical cleaning and compressed air jetting.

So if your ducts haven’t been cleaned for a few months, get in touch today and we can help you.

Fire Damper Testing In Liverpool

We also work with businesses to ensure their fire dampers are in full working order. We have helped many businesses in Liverpool with this important task, and our testing procedures all meet the legal government requirements. We also do everything ourselves (including fixing any damage we encounter), so you don’t need to do any testing yourself; all you need to do is ring us to set up the inspection.

How We Will Maintain Your Fire Damper

Our friendly team will check each aspect of the fire safety system in your building. This includes an inspection of every single fire damper, which is a small device that can be found inside each vent in your building. This tiny device stays open most of the time, but it will close if it gets too warm. This means that if a fire starts in the building, it will be contained to one room (instead of travelling through the vents to other rooms). This can save lives and prevent thousands of pounds of damage, so it is very important to ensure your fire dampers are checked regularly.

Each damper will be tested to ensure that it opens and closes, and any broken dampers will be replaced with new, high quality models. All of the dampers will then be covered with lubricant to ensure they work for as long as possible.

Contact Us To Find Out More

Do you want to ensure that your ducts and fire dampers are in full working order? If so, get in touch with our friendly, professional customer service team today. You can give the team a call during opening hours for a speedy response, or you can email us and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Just tell us a little bit about your business and the building you work in (for example, is it a commercial kitchen or an office?), and we will give you an accurate quote for the job. Our team are very helpful and professional, so don’t worry if you don’t have exact details about the building; we can come out to do an assessment ourselves if needed.

We have also taken precautions to ensure our inspections are COVID safe. So don’t wait another day; contact our team now, and we will make sure that your business meets the UK legal standards.

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