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Duct Cleaning & Fire Damper Testing Services In Preston

Our Services: Duct Cleaning & Fire Damper Testing In Preston

Our experienced, professional team work with companies all across Preston to ensure that their buildings have safe, efficient fire dampers and ducts.

Our Duct Cleaning & Fire Damper Testing Team

Safe Flow Ventilation provide duct cleaning and fire damper testing all across Preston. We work with both big and small companies to ensure their ducts and fire safety systems are in full working order, so the buildings are safe to be used by employees and customers.

Our friendly, professional team will carry out a range of tests on the fire dampers and ducts in your building. These tests will identify any problems (such as a blockage) that exist, and then the ducts will be cleaned and fixed so they are in full working order. We can also fix fire dampers to industry standard, and we can provide a plan to reduce the chance of future issues.

Do you own or rent a commercial business in Preston? If so, you may want to find out more about our duct cleaning and fire safety services. 

Air Duct Cleaning Preston

Our expert team help businesses in Preston to ensure that their business is legally safe to be open. We offer a range of fire safety and ventilation services, including professional fire damper testing and duct cleaning. This ensures that your vents and ducts are clean and ready to be used, and it also means your fire safety system is fully up to date and functional. This significantly reduces the chance of a fire or air pollution, so your employees and customers will be safe when they are inside the building.

Everyone on our team has professional fire safety training, as well as lots of experience, so you can rest easy in the knowledge that our team are truly experts. They have years of experience working with Preston businesses, from small cafes to commercial office buildings. We also work with both owners and renters, so it doesn’t matter if you don’t own the building; it is very likely we will still be able to maintain and repair your ducts and fire safety systems. 

You may be thinking “I don’t need to hire someone to clean my vents, as I paid someone to do it last year”, but in reality the law states that commercial buildings must clean their ducts annually – and if you own a business that produces a lot of air-borne debris (such as lint, grease or dust), you should clean them even more frequently. This is because dust and debris can quickly build up in the vents, reducing air flow and damaging the fire safety system. Over time this can cause a range of health problems, including asthma or a cough, so it is very important to make sure you frequently clean and maintain your vents.

Do you want to find out more about the services that we provide? If so, you can contact us by clicking the ‘contact button’. Our team will be more than happy to go through the services we provide, so you can decide if you want to work with us or not.

Our Air Duct Cleaning Services

We offer different air duct cleaning services in Preston. Some of the most popular services include;

  • A basic deep clean of the ducts in your building to ensure they are up to British standard.
  • A deep clean of the ducts and vents in commercial kitchens.
  • Extraction duct cleaning for both small and big businesses.

All of our specialists meet the regulatory standards set by CHAS and BESA. This means that any services we provide will pass external audits from health and safety companies. This is important for all businesses, but it is especially important for cafes and restaurants that need to pass health and safety checks on a regular basis.

Restaurant owners can find out more about our deep cleaning duct services by contacting our team.

Do You Need To Clean The Ducts?

You may be tempted to clean the ducts out yourself to save money, but this is normally a time-consuming and labourous task – and if you don’t know exactly what you are doing, there is a chance you will damage something and have to hire professionals anyway. For this reason we suggest hiring our Preston-based specialists, as they will complete the job to meet the British legal requirements.

Fire Damper Testing In Preston

Our team also provide fire damper testing in Preston. We will check your fire safety system to ensure it is in full working order, and if we find any issues we will report them to you and repair them. This is absolutely essential work, as vents and ducts can pass fire through the building, causing serious damage to both people and the building.

Our experts can also give you information and tips to help improve your current fire safety system.

What Is A Fire Damper?

A fire damper is a small link inside the duct that can open and close itself. This link will close if the temperature gets too warm, which prevents fire spreading through the building. If the link is broken it may not close, which can create a serious health and safety hazard.

Contact Us To Find Out More About Our Services

If you own or rent a commercial business in Preston, it may be time to check your fire safety and ventilation system. It is your legal responsibility to make sure the system is maintained at least once a year, but you don’t have to do this difficult job yourself; our expert team will be more than happy to complete the job for you, whether it is duct cleaning or fire safety maintenance.
So don’t worry about cleaning the ducts and the vents yourself; instead, get in touch with our team today to find out more about the services we provide in Preston. We aim to get back to everyone as soon as possible, so you won’t be waiting too long for a response!

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