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Care Homes


Care Homes Fire Damper Inspections

Kitchen Extract Cleaning

Care home kitchens are in constant use which will cause an accumulation of oil, grease and fat inside the kitchen extract ductwork. These deposits can increase the fire risk in your care home which you are legally obliged to control.

If your care home has a kitchen then you will need to organise for the extract ductwork to be cleaned so that you comply with the TR19 standard.

If you do not comply with this standard it could be seen as legal negligence.

Ventilation ductwork cleaning

It is important for care homes to keep their ventilation ductwork clean. Especially if it runs through to rooms containing people with breathing problems or low tolerance immune systems.

All ventilation ductwork must be maintained regularly to comply with TR19. Different parts of the building may have different 'ratings' which will determine how often they need to be cleaned.

For more information about the classifications please visit out legislation and regulations page.

Fire dampers

Fire damper maintenance and testing is imperative. Fire dampers are designed to stop the spread of fire through ducts, walls, floors and ceilings. This is why it is so important to ensure they work.

Fire dampers can slow down the spread of fire meaning you will have longer to evacuate anyone from the care home.

To learn more, please visit out fire dampers page.

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