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Air Handling Unit & Coil Cleaning

Air Handling Unit & Coil Cleaning

Coil cleaning has become a specialised area of care within ventilation systems. The coil is in the air flow path on all ventilation systems. Therefore it has a direct effect on the rate of air flow, efficiency of heat transfer and indoor air quality.

Blockages in the coil

Blockages in the coil decrease the amount of air passing through the system. Fouled coils lead to increased pressure drop across them. Increased pressure drop increases fan horsepower requirements, which in turn raw more power, increasing current consumption resulting in higher energy costs.

coil-before-cleaning    coil-after-cleaning

                Coil before cleaning                                            Coil after cleaning


At Safeflow Ventilation we use the most modern and thorough methods of AHU and coil cleaning to suit your system's requirements, from compressed air cleaning and brushing techniques to expandable eco foam cleaning and sanitizing.

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