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Air supply & extract ductwork cleaning

Air supply & extract ductwork cleaning

It is not widely known that the legal requirement with regard to ventilation system hygiene is that the systems are regularly inspected and the findings recorded. This is a requirement laid down in the Health and Safety at Work Act and applies to owners and operators of workplace premises.

There's been a general acceptance that unclean ventilation systems can spread airborne infections in the workplace including flu and the common cold, resulting in increases in the sickness days taken in UK workplaces.

At Safeflow Ventilation we use the most advanced techniques of monitoring and cleaning of ventilation systems. Our experienced surveyors use the latest Elcometer readings to collaborate and diagnose the most cost effective and least disruptive way of cleaning your ventilation systems.

air-duct-cleaning-before        air-duct-cleaning-after

  • Risk assessment and method statement plus COSSH data of all materials used
  • Site survey with client showing the ducting layout
  • Proposal of costs & requirements to clean the system
  • Complete cleaning with full photographic pre & post clean report and certification
  • Installation of access panels where required and necessary
  • Testing to be carried out with elcometer to determine agreed cleaning intervals to reduce cost
  • The setup & management of a cleaning schedule for multiple sites giving you peace of mind
  • If required we also use independently licenced laboratory testing for microbial growth before and after decontamination

Ductwork Cleaning

Your Responsibility

To ensure compliance with the Regulations and associated Approved Code of Practice from the Health and Safety Commission which states that all mechanical ventilation systems should be regularly and properly cleaned, tested and maintained to ensure that they are kept clean and free from anything which may contaminate the air.

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