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Pre-Commission Ductwork Cleaning

Pre-Commission Ductwork Cleaning

We recognise the importance of ensuring that a building's ventilation system is uncontaminated from the very start of operation.

During building / refurbishment work, the ventilation system can be become heavily contaminated from dust deposits caused by other services working in the area. This can affect the full system from AHU filters to diffuser grills. We work closely with clients advising at what particular stage of work it will be best to carry out the system decontamination.

Ductwork Cleaning Process

A low-pressure vacuuming unit that is adapted to the maintenance opening or air valve site of the ventilation duct. The other valves are then covered. First the branches of the duct system are cleaned using a rotating brush.  Powerful airflow (10 - 20 m/s) is needed to carry the loosened dirt into the collecting filter bag of the low-pressure vacuum unit.

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